Patient Reviews

I have been going to Virginia Street Dermatology for several years year for skin screenings, and have also had a procedure for oil glands. The office is always clean, organized, professional. This is a busy practice, and appointments have always run on time. Dr. Soe is always cordial and matter of fact…something that I appreciate. She values my time as a small business owner and is always prompt and keeps our exam thorough yet brief. She asks me questions leaving me feeling recognized as a human being as well as a patient. I’ve also received treatment from other staff and experienced the same standard of care. They let me know what my role is as a patient and make recommendations without pushing any products or treatment.

I was so nervous to go and get something removed from my face. I immediately felt comfortable in their office. It felt so cozy and homey. Nelly was absolutely amazing, it felt like I was talking to a friend. The doctor came in and removed the wart from my face in seconds. I will absolutely recommend them to anyone and go back if needed!

I just spent two years going to Moffitt (Who are wonderful) and decided that going forward (Now that treatment at Moffitt is done) I would pick a more ‘local’ place for routine check ups/monitoring and the staff here, from reception to physical exam were super. Tiffany was the PA whom examined me and Wow, very professional, knowledgeable, and advised me about my future things to do for my monitoring and answered all my questions with attention to detail. Her and her assistant in the room genuinely cared (Tremendously) about my health and it was incredibly obvious. I’ve found my new Dermatology office. Bravo!

Such a caring staff! I am a wimp about everything, but they were thorough in their procedure, walked me through every step, kept me distracted, and did not belittle my fears at all. Very pleasant outpatient procedure! Thank you!

Virginia Street Dermatology